Phanch Phoron – Bengali 5-spice mix

. The ingredients will be available at any Indian or Pakastani grocery and may even be in your supermarket. If Nigella is not available either celery seed or oregano can be used as a substitute.
Yields: 0 Servings.  You make what you need to be used within a couple of weeks.


1 unit Nigella (Kalonji)
1 unit Black mustard seeds
1 unit Fenugreek seeds
1 unit Cumin seeds
1 unit Fennel seeds

This mixture can be ground or left whole.In Indian cookery the seeds are often left whole or roughly ground and added to the oil or ghee before any other ingredient. This flavors the oil and releases a wonderful aroma as the seed pop. This happens very quickly and the seeds must not burn.In Western cooking, I generally add a mixture of the ground seeds to soups and other dishes sometimes fried to release all the flavor and aroma and sometimes towards the end of the cooking. I use this blend in the preparation of pumpkin soup and aubergine soup — sometimes together with a Moroccan spice called Ras el Hanout.As it is best fresh, I make a small quantity at a time, generally grinding the seeds roughly in an electric blender and storing the finished product in a tightly sealed jar well out of direct sunlight.  





Cuisine :   Indian    

Main Ingredient :  

Nigella or Kalonji are know by different names. They are black, triangular shaped seeds



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