Warm goat’s cheese salad with bacon

 Goat’s cheese (sometimes called Chevre) is a creamy white cheese which works well in a warm salad, combining the warm cheese and bacon with crispy greens and served with a tasty warm walnut vinaigrette.  Makes the perfect starter for nearly any meal.  Or, increase the amount of cheese and bacon and you have a tasty lunch.

Serving Size: 2

-= Ingredients =-
150 gram Goat Cheese (chevre)
2 slices Bacon ; fried or grilled
1 slice Bread ; whole grain or walnut bread
6 leaves Lettuce
1 small Tomato ; sliced
2 tablespoon Olive oil
1 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 cup Walnuts ; chopped
1 small spring onion ; finely sliced
1/2 teaspoon Chili flakes ; depending on taste
1 clove Garlic ; optional
1/2 teaspoon Herbs de Provence ; depending on taste

-= Instructions =-
First make the dressing:  Put the olive oil, vinegar, walnuts, chili flakes and garlic in a blender and blend well.  Heat this mixture and add the finely sliced spring onions.

Fry or grill the bacon until done but not crispy.  Drain on kitchen paper.

Arrange the vegetables on a small platter.  Serving on a bed of roughly chopped vegetables make them easier to eat, but the loose leaf lettuce looks much prettier as whole leaves.

Toast the slice of bread and cut to the size of the cheese.  Place the cheese on the bread and grill the cheese 2-3 minutes until the cheese starts to melt.  The bread is not absolutely necessary, but it does make it easier to move the cheese from the broiler to the serving plate.


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