Sunday Breakfast

An American breakfast fits very well with a low carb diet.  It consists of an (optional) glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee AND bacon and scrambled eggs.  If you make the scrambled eggs with cream instead of milk, you are more ‘low-carb’ and the taste is definitely worth it.  Add a bit of grated cheddar cheese to the scrambled eggs and it is truly a yummy breakfast.

No bread needed, but you could add a slice of tomato or two….or another vegetable.  Cucumber?

Other breakfast ideas:

  • Oatmeal porridge
  • cheese on dark rye bread
  • pate, fried bacon and fried mushrooms
  • cottage cheese with vegetables and/or pine nuts
  • Yoghurt (greek style) with blueberries/raspberries and walnuts (just a very few!)
  • English breakfast (fried eggs instead of scrambled…)
  • poached eggs with tomatoes
  • hard-boiled eggs with shrimp
  • scrambled eggs with smoked fish — salmon or mackerel

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