Smoked Mackerel Dip

This super simple dip is great with vegetables — carrots, celery, cucumber, radishes, etc. and, of course, as a dip or spread for bread.  The basic recipe contains just 2 ingredients — sour cream and smoked mackerel — but you can jazz this dip up with chilis, olives, raw or fried onions, finely chopped bell peppers (I would choose the sharper green variety), etc.

Serving Size: 8
-= Ingredients =-
1 side warm smoked mackerel with pepper ; boned if necessary
1 container sour cream

-= Instructions =-
Break up the mackerel with a fork and mix in the sour cream until you achieve a fairly even consistency.  Chill for a half an hour and serve garnished with parsley and/or a sprinkling of sweet or smoked paprika.


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