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Nutty Salmon

Deliciously crunchy way to bake salmon.  Serve with a big vegetable salad.

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Jamaican Chicken

This chicken is marinated overnight so that all the good flavors penetrate into the meat. Continue reading

Low carb Lasagna

Make your favorite lasagna using fried aubergine and/or zucchini slices as ‘pasta’!  It works a treat.

Instead of bechamel or white sauce, use a mixture of sour cream and beaten egg.  If you want a fairly stiff layer of ‘white sauce’, use more beaten eggs.   If I use a simple tomato sauce, I make the white layer with more egg so that it stands out and provides more protein.  If I am using a more substantial pasta sauce (like Bolognese), I use less egg.  Sometimes I use sour cream on its own if I am not bothered about a layer of white.

This is a simple way to turn a favorite high carb meal into a favorite low carb meal.

Oven baked Ratatouille

Baking the ratatouille preserves the vibrant colors better than the traditional method of sautéing.  In my opinion the flavor is better as well. Continue reading

Yummy low carb soufflé

Totally low carb and very delicious.  You can vary the kind of hard cheese to suit yourself and add stuff like mushrooms, shrimp, bacon or whatever. Continue reading

what to do with leftover chicken????

I do not like to warm leftover chicken — either it has to be really zapped with heat or eaten cold.  So how do you make leftover cold chicken interesting????

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Filipino Chicken Adobo

 Very easy to make and extremely popular with my family.  I know it sounds strange to cook chicken in vinegar but I promise you a wonderful main dish.  Serve with rice and a tomato salad.

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