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Another good web site — all about lettuce

Check it out.  The pictures are great and there is a lot of really useful information about leafy greens.


Presentation, presentation, presentation

Last night we had a great dinner at Alanya restaurant in Stavanger, Norway.  Just look at how they served it! Continue reading

Braised Beef Short Ribs with carmelized onions

  A yummy way to cook and inexpensive cut of beef.  It is so easy!

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Simply the best dessert ever….Strawberries

I can’t take any credit for this dessert, but you can’t beat it in the summertime.

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Low carb Lasagna

Make your favorite lasagna using fried aubergine and/or zucchini slices as ‘pasta’!  It works a treat.

Instead of bechamel or white sauce, use a mixture of sour cream and beaten egg.  If you want a fairly stiff layer of ‘white sauce’, use more beaten eggs.   If I use a simple tomato sauce, I make the white layer with more egg so that it stands out and provides more protein.  If I am using a more substantial pasta sauce (like Bolognese), I use less egg.  Sometimes I use sour cream on its own if I am not bothered about a layer of white.

This is a simple way to turn a favorite high carb meal into a favorite low carb meal.

what to do with leftover chicken????

I do not like to warm leftover chicken — either it has to be really zapped with heat or eaten cold.  So how do you make leftover cold chicken interesting????

There is always the chicken sandwich but since I should not eat bread…. Continue reading

My kitchen today

I came back from shopping for meat and veg and when I put the veg in its place, I thought it looked so nice that I took a picture.