About Me

Hi!  My name is Linda and I love to cook and to create new recipes and menus.  Recently I decided to lose some weight and I chose a  low carbohydrate diet that has worked well for me.  I still have about 5 kilos to go, so this blog is dedicated to the recipes which keep me going in the right direction.  I am not looking for rapid weight loss and therefore my approach is relaxed.  Not all recipes or menus will be equally low on carbohydrates.  I want to share my recipes and some of the discoveries I have made along the way.  Hope I can inspire you too towards a well-balanced, low carb life style!

Information about low carb … everything

There is a lot of infomration about low carbohydrate diets on the internet.  I would recommend ABOUT.COM since the information there is verified.  Once you have an understanding of the facts published by doctors and nutritionalists, you have to start making choices.

Change your diet, change your lifestyle

Changing your diet is not easy.  You have built up a life-style which has led to unwanted weight gain and habits are hard to change.  But you can do it!  It requires a lot of thought and it requires changing the way you think about food which, in turn, means making changes to your life-style.  I firmly believe that to lose weight you have to change what you are eating and get more exercise.  Searching for substitutes for your high carbohydrate favorites is not the answer. 

Substitutes vs. alternatives

A substitute is something you use in order to have something similar to what you have always eaten.  An alternative is something different which satisfies the same perceived need.  Example:  I love risotto but I am not eating white rice at the moment.  I could use cauliflower ‘rice’ as a substitute (probably not very satisfying) or something else  find on the internet.  If I used a substitute, I would just be looking forward to when I could have risotto again and I would not have really changed by life style at all.

Instead I have looked for an alternative.  I love pumpkin and clam risotto and pumpkin, chicken and bacon risotto.  So, after careful thought, I made soup recipes as an alternative for both.  Works for me.  See my recipes for the alternatives.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Once you have reached your goal, you can enjoy the occassional indulgence.  But, I suspect, that you will be less and less tempted if you really do go in for changing the way you think about food and find alternatives instead of substitutes.  I am no longer tempted by most of my old food habits.

I hope that this blog will give you inspiration in the form of recipes which, generally, are low in carbohydrates.  Since I live in Norway and in Tenerife, I have based my recipes around readily available fresh ingredients, or at least ingredients which are available most places in the world.  Afterall, most of us cannot get the packages of this, that and the other available in supermarkets in the United States.

Good Luck!


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