I have my favorites…

Madhur Jaffray

She writes excellent Indian cookbooks which I read and read and read.  Many of my recipes are inspired by her and more than a few are adapted from her, depending upon the availabity of ingredients

Jamie Oliver

I am a bit ambivolent about Jamie.  He looks like my son so I keep trying, but his recipes just don’t turn out like they do when he demonstrates them on video/tv and I do follow them to the nth detail.  What is he doing wrong?  What am I doing wrong?  Well, to tell the truth

Marcella Hazan

Rumor has it that she is a bit testy.  Maybe so, but she is a marvelous cook and manages to get her messages across very well indeed.  I will always be indebted to her

Guillano Hazan

Guillano is Marcella’s son and a very capable cook/cookbook writer.


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