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Beans and bacon

Very simple to make and so tasty.  Makes a great lunch on its own or as a side dish for a heartier meal, for example in place of potatoes with roast meat.  Add some good, homemade stock and you have a great bean soup.  I love the simplicity of this dish, Continue reading


Sunday Breakfast

An American breakfast fits very well with a low carb diet.  It consists of an (optional) glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee AND bacon and scrambled eggs.  If you make the scrambled eggs with cream instead of milk, you are more ‘low-carb’ and the taste is definitely worth it.  Add a bit of grated cheddar cheese to the scrambled eggs and it is truly a yummy breakfast.

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Warm goat’s cheese salad with bacon

 Goat’s cheese (sometimes called Chevre) is a creamy white cheese which works well in a warm salad, combining the warm cheese and bacon with crispy greens and served with a tasty warm walnut vinaigrette.  Makes the perfect starter for nearly any meal.  Or, increase the amount of cheese and bacon and you have a tasty lunch. Continue reading

Pumpkin, bacon and chicken soup

 A delicious blend of fresh ingredients.  A good appetizer for nearly any meal or serve up a larger bowl for a hearty autumn meal.  I use parsley as a garnish, but you could use a mixture of pine nuts (pinoli) and roasted pumpkin seeds or even thinly sliced chili. Continue reading

Clams with Bacon and Tomatoes

The combination of clams and bacon is always good.  Italian pancetta can happily be substituted for the bacon. Continue reading